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Like amazing space age super reflective material used in the Hubble Space Telescope, Ivanko glassless mirrors are made from metallized plastic film. Ivanko glassless mirrors give a brighter, sharper reflection than plate glass, with no ghost images. Ivanko's popular 4' X 6' vertical mirror weighs roughly twelve pounds! Best of all, Ivanko's mirrors won't shatter, making them much safer than glass.

  • Optical Clarity

    Ivanko “Glassless Mirror” reflects an image that is clearer and brighter than all but the most expensive glass mirrors on the market.

  • Lightweight / Mobile

    Ivanko glassless mirror panels are extremely lightweight, allowing for easy handling and installation. Because Ivanko glasless mirrors are shatter - proof and lightweight, you can easily move them around your facility.

  • Versatility

    Ivanko glassless mirror panels can be made in any desired size or shape to accommodate any facility or any application.

  • Cost

    Ivanko Glassless Mirrors can cost up to $500 to $600 less per panel over conventional beveled glass mirrors. No expensive time consuming installation is necessary.

    1 IGM2X6 Ivanko Glassless Mirror 2' X 6' set of 2
    1 IGM3X6 Ivanko Glassless Mirror 3' X 6' set of 2
    1 IGM4X6 Ivanko Glassless Mirror 4' X 6' set of 2
    1 IGM4X8 Ivanko Glassless Mirror 4' X 8' set of 2
    1 IGM5X6 Ivanko Glassless Mirror 5' X 6' set of 2
    1 IGM5X8 Ivanko Glassless Mirror 5' X 8' set of 2
    10 USED Genuine Pre-Owned Ivanko Barbell Equipment

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