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Brigham Young University Cougars Strength & Conditioning Facility
(Article Reprinted from BYU Cougars website)

BYU's strength and conditioning facility ranks among the best in the country. With nearly 10,000 square feet, the state-of-the-art center features 106 stations enhanced by beautiful blue and gray carpeting and a stereophonic sound system with 40 speakers.

In short, the center looks good, sounds good and provides plenty of room for intercollegiate athletes to work out.

Patterned to include the best features of weight rooms at other major football powers, the BYU facility is both functional and attractive, providing both variety and ample space.

Athletes no longer have to wait for a necessary piece of equipment. They can get more done in much less time than before and do not have to plan their weight training in the early morning or late evening hours to accomplish their goals.

This is especially helpful for athletes in other sports who have struggled finding equipment available during football season.

Another plus for the athletes is the motivational factor of getting caught up in conditioning fever by seeing so many others working out at the same time. Cougar athletes rave about how much more fun it is to work on strength and mobility in large, rather than small, groups.

Athletes also have been quick to point out the recruiting benefits of the facilities. Even coaches of sports where athletes traditionally don't look first at weight training agree that the strength and conditioning facilities are a benefit.

BYU's strength and conditioning center shows that BYU is serious about conditioning and, once an athlete is here, he or she will improve tremendously by being more involved in weight training.

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