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Net 30 day payment terms are extended to federal, state, regional and local government agencies, municipalities, institutions, military and schools only. We gladly accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express as forms of pre-payment (international credit cards, not accepted). Additional acceptable forms of pre-payment include, money order(United States only),cashier/bank check(United States only), wire transfer and personal/company check(allow 7-10 business days to clear issuing United States financial institution & 30-45 days from international financial institution). No COD's.

Credit accounts must be paid within the terms agreed upon. Accounts not paid within agreed terms will be subject to a 1.5% monthy service charge which is an annual percentage rate of 18%. A $25.00 penalty will be charged for each check returned for any reason.

Note on bank wire transfers: We have been experiencing a high degree of short payments as a result of incorrect data entry from the issuing bank. This can be avoided by asking your banking agent to enter the letters "OUR" in the data field labeled "71A". If the letters "SHA" are entered, the issuing bank wire transfer fees will be deducted from the wire transfer funds, resulting in a short payment. The customer is responsible for the reimbursement of any bank wire transfer short payments.


All sales are final. All used genuine Ivanko product is sold "as is", no returns, exchanges, or credits will be issued.


Please inspect your shipment carefully before signing carriers receipt. Make notations on the receipt of any exterior damage. If any concealed damage is noticed while unpacking, DO NOT THROW AWAY CARTONS OR PACKING! Call delivering carrier immediately to request on-site inspection on collect shipments. On prepaid shipments, contact us immediately. Carriers allow only 7 days to report damage or you will lose claim privileges.


All freight carrier re-delivery charges are the sole responsibility of the customer. The shipper cannot be held liable for these charges. We highly recommend adding a 24 hour pre-notification service from the freight carrier to your shipment to avoid missed appointments. Some freight carriers charge a fee for 24 hour pre-notification. Otherwise, freight carriers typically deliver Monday through Friday during normal business hours.


All customers and duty charges imposed by your port of entry are the sole responsibility of the customer. The shipper cannot be held liable for these charges. Please contact your customs broker or freight forwarder to make arrangements for clearing your shipment from your port of entry.


Customer must call us within 48 hours of receiving the shipment. If claim is made at a later date, we will not be held responsible. The shortage will be subject to investigation. If we find the claim is justified, we will either issue a credit or replace the merchandise. When shortage or damage is due to the freight carrier, a claim must be filed with the carrier immediately.


Please review orders. Advise us of errors or disagreements immediately. Please review this confirmation and contact us if there are any corrections or changes. If we do not receive any adjustments within 24 hrs, we will process the order as is.

At the present time, orders are shipping out in 30 days or LESS, barring back orders.


Minimum shipping & handling fee is $14.50.


Product prices are good for 30 days from date of your sales quotation for written quotations only. Verbal pricing quotations are not binding. All products and prices subject to change at any time without notice. Quoted freight may change at any time due to conditions that are beyond our control.

Thank you.

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