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Wayzata High School Trojans

The Wayzata Trojans have a fantastic facility to train in each and every day. It is the goal of the strength and conditioning staff to create an environment that the students and athletes feel that they wish to be a part of. We have different levels of lifters training at varied intensities at all times within our facility. Due to this fact we stress the importance of a team setting within the weight room, we are in there for each other and look out for each other. This includes spotting for safety and technique in a positive manner that allows our numbers to rise on a consistent basis.

Due to recent budget cuts, we have had to make some minor adjustments. We have basically adopted the "WD40 / Duck Tape" maintenance program. If it moves and it shouldn't - we use the duck tape. If it doesn't move and it should - we use the WD40. It's not quite that bad but we do have the athletes themselves clean and maintain the facility. They are in charge of wiping down the equipment and cleaning up on a general basis. The facility itself is five years old; most of the equipment was purchased new at the opening of the school, however some of it was used. We have had to replace some of the equipment and wish we could replace more but we can say without a doubt that our Ivanko equipment is the best equipment we have.

Our more experienced lifters that perform the Olympic Lifts have a language and status level all of their own. Power Cleaning the "Reds and Yellows," means you are in the club, the "Reds and Blues," is the level that most of our lifters identify with as being the best. "Reds and Reds," is our motivation day in and day out with our kids. The Ivanko plates provide us with mentally aggressive attitude for training as well. We believe that in order to play tough, we first have to think tough and then train tough. Ivanko equipment helps toughen us up.

Our school is built in the shape of an arch, which presents some difficulties in the layout of our room, as it is not squared of on one side. So what we have done is set the dumbbell racks and adjustable benches etc. along the shortest mirrored wall. Directly behind those racks we placed 8 cycle ergometers overlooking the area. This works well even though it tends to get somewhat crowded at times, however it is the best fit for our needs. Each of the remaining three walls are divided to allow maximum usage of the weight room at all times. Along the next shortest wall we have placed four multi racks with another four directly across from them, these stretch three-quarters of the length of the wall until they reach our platforms. Four weight tree line the walkway in between the racks and provide great access for the athletes to bench, incline bench, military press, etc. There is a whiteboard mounted on the wall as well as a television/ VCR that allows for seating and staging during times of instruction as this wall is not mirrored.

The multi racks stretch until they reach our platforms which are placed facing our six squat racks which are directly in front of the mirrors on the adjoining wall. In a perfect world we would not have to walk through or around the platforms to reach the squat racks but this is the best scenario for our needs. At one time we had six platforms stretching the entire distance of the room but have now moved one platform directly in front of the other five and placed it in the corner in line with the squat racks. This corner allows contains a jump rope tree and a bin of medicine balls. By moving the platform forward we created a natural walkway around the platforms to get to the squat racks.

The center of our weight room contains 2 leg extension, 2 leg curl, 1 4-way neck, 1 roman chair, 2, adjustable abdominal/hip flexor boards, 2 dip/pull-up stations as well as one large universal pulley station that has 2 seated row, 4 lat pull, and 2 cable crossover/pulley stations. There is also one more pull-up station in between the cables.

This set up allows our athletes to move in and out of various areas and depending on the workouts actually helps divide the room up quite well. The majority of our lifting is done on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Tuesday and Thursday are our speed, agility, quickness, and plyometric development days.

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